Loving Grace is a home that aims to EMBRACE every woman with the love of Christ, to EDUCATE them with the tools they need to succeed and live an EMPOWERED life.

Oglesby House at Loving Grace
Application for Residence

Loving Grace is an equal opportunity residential facility and no potential resident will be turned away due to race, sexual orientation, disability, legal issues, or any other information that is included in this application. If no beds are available and you meet the criteria for Loving Grace, you will be placed on awaiting list until a suite is open.

We are here to help you to the best of our ability. All information provided by potential residents is for that purpose and will NOT be used against you. (If you are pregnant and/or parenting and are found to be using illegal drugs, a referral to Missouri Division of Social Services will be required and will be made by Loving Grace.

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Employment Information
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Please list three references that are aware of your situation and could verify your need and willingness to work with the program.


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I understand an application is not a guarantee of admission. Loving Grace determines an applicant's eligibility for admission and does not disclose their rationale for denial or admission. By signing below, I acknowledge and understand this application will be used to consider my eligibility to live at Loving Grace. If accepted, I will sign a expectations agreement, cupancy/rental agreement, and other documents outlining the terms for living at Loving Grace to uphold my safety and the safety of the other residents and staff. I understand my references will be contacted to verify the honesty of my statements. I also understand my eligibility will be based on the availability of space in the home and the ability of the program to assist me with my particular needs. Loving Grace will make a decision based on this application, my interview, and available space. If my statements are found to be misrepresented at any point or I have demonstrated an unwillingness to work within the expectations and terms of my admission, I may be exited from Loving Grace immediately. I also give permission for Loving Grace to request official documents, make professional inquiries, or complete background checks on me to verify the information I have given them

Single Application
(Oglesby House Application)

Pregnant or With Child Application
(Doris House Application)