Transitional Housing Application

Loving Grace’s mission is to be a home that aims to EMBRACE every woman with the love of Christ, to EDUCATE them with the tools they need to succeed and live an EMPOWERED life. Our vision is that all young women will thrive in society and have access to resources to aid their success.

Oglesby House: 1414 Euclid Ave Joplin, Mo 64801
Doris House: 1408 Euclid Ave Joplin, Mo 64801
Phone Number: 417.218.8255

Loving Grace is an equal opportunity residential facility, and no potential resident will be turned away due to race, sexual orientation, disability, legal issues, or any other information that is included in this application. If no beds are available and you meet the criteria for Loving Grace, you will be placed on a waiting list until a suite is open. We are here to help you to the best of our ability. All information provided by potential residents is for that purpose and will not be used against you. (If you are pregnant and/or parenting and are found to be using illegal drugs, a referral to Missouri Division of Social Services will be required and will be made by Loving Grace.)

Applicant Information

Demographic Information

Family Planning Information

Relationship Information

Emergency Contact Information (Please provide at least one)

No Contact List: List anyone that you do not want contact with due to safety concerns:

Parent/Guardian Information

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Financial Information

Education and Employment Information

Health Information

Criminal History Informaiton

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Housing Selection

When selecting a program, please understand that both programs require you to pursue and make progress toward education and/or employment goals, along with all goals set by you during the intake timeline.

Doris House Applicants Only
If you chose to apply for Oglesby, please skip to Essay Questions
If yes, please provide name and number
If no, who would take on this role to help you?

Essay Questions

Single Application
(Oglesby House Application)

Pregnant or With Child Application
(Doris House Application)