I was asked why I love Loving Grace,
this is my simple answer:

“I see God working!” It is a rewarding experience to see His Mighty Hand transforming these ladies in a way that man alone could never do. Although, that is not to bypass the fact that we have powerful programming and individualized goals for each girl. To be a part of something that has eternal worth is something I am eternally grateful for!

“When I was first approached about being on the board for Loving Grace I had never heard about the organization. The heart that the board and the employees have for helping these young ladies was something I knew I wanted to be a part of. So many times young ladies don’t have the resources or the knowledge that Loving Grace is even an option. I am so proud to be able to show them that there are good people in this world. Showing grace and love to them and helping them navigate scary situations is what God’s love is all about. I am honored to be a small piece of their journey and pray that we continue the mission for many years to come.”

"It’s been such a privilege to watch Loving Grace evolve into what it is today. I’ve always had a passion for bringing joy, a sense of inclusion, and stability into young girls’ and young moms’ lives. When I saw the difference Loving Grace is making, and to see it now including young moms and their babies is something so special and truly incredible. The trauma and obstacles these girls have overcome to be with us today is heartbreaking, yet we have the honor of helping guide them to new brighter beginnings. God places us exactly where we need to be, and serving Loving Grace has been such a humbling blessing. I'm so thankful to be a part of such an amazing organization!”

"I haven't experienced what most of our residents have experienced but God has brought me through some really hard times. I feel that He has called me to minister to hurting women. I get to do that every single day at Loving Grace. I hope that I can show them the love of Christ while helping them learn how to thrive in life and not just survive. I want to help them to know they ARE loved and they deserve to be loved. My favorite part of the job is when a resident finally lets her guard down and feels comfortable and safe to be themselves. 'Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.' 2 Corinthians 1:3-4"

“I love working for LG because of the vision, that all women will thrive in society and have access to resources to aid their success. I have known so many young girls from work, working with youth groups and more that have felt very little hope in bettering their future. There are a ton of resources available to help us become successful, and we don't always know they exist or how to access them. I love being a part of something that teaches young women about those resources, provides a safe place to prepare for their futures, and builds healthy relationships for support through it all. It is also amazing to have the entire staff constantly encouraging each other in our work and our walks with Christ. God led me here in May, and it has felt like family since then.”

"Why do I work at Loving Grace? God! God brought me here! It's actually pretty humbling and incredible to be used by God for His purposes. He's taken the struggles of my life, renewed my mind and heart with His truth, and built me up to stand confidently in Him. He's given me friends and mentors who have walked alongside me, pouring their lives into me and loving me in the midst of my struggles. And, God redeems! He's taken my life, turned my life around, and now I get the privilege of walking alongside our residents, loving them and sharing His truth!"

"When serving a number of the young ladies at Loving Grace in professional capacity, I could not help but gain great appreciation for how the program was truly making an impact on their lives. These ladies were moving towards responsible independence, healing from trauma, overcoming addiction, and growing spiritually. I did not hesitate the least bit when extended the opportunity to serve as a board member, as I truly believe that to invest my time, money, and efforts in Loving Grace's mission achieves a meaningful difference in the outcome of the lives of those young ladies and the community they become a part of!"

“I love what I do. I got to experience working directly with our residents for the first two years with Loving Grace. I saw that hearts changed and softened with steady relationship, good boundaries and a whole lot of love. Now, I GET to go out in the community and talk about Loving Grace!”

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