Who We Are

Loving Grace is a transitional living facility that provides an 18-21 month program to young women ages 18-24 and their children. Our residents come from situations that are not limited to: homelessness, poverty, aging out of foster care, poor family relationships, inadequate living conditions, domestic violence, open cases from the Children’s Division, or in the custody of public administrators. There are no geographical limits; however, priority will be given to Jasper, Newton, and McDonald County families. 

Loving Grace’s Safe Stay Program provides housing, food, education, employment support, case management, and community resources/involvement for our residents. Loving Grace has become a vital resource in the community for young women who are without hope and in a dangerous situation: homeless and without a caring adult to support them.


Our two homes, Doris House and Oglesby House, give us the opportunity to serve two unique situations in the homeless young woman’s plight in our area. Doris House specifically serves young women who are pregnant, parenting an infant or working to regain custody of their child. Doris House can serve 7 young women and their child at a time. Oglesby House serves young women in the same situation with no children. Oglesby House can serve 8 young women at a time. Both Programs include case management services to ensure that each resident is provided the proper support for success. Each resident is assessed within 72 hours of arrival of her need and an exit plan is made with appropriate, measurable goals for the resident to accomplish with support from both staff and our community partners.

The Safe Stay Program ensures that each young woman learns how to Stay: to stay in healthy change (even when it’s hard), stay on a healthy diet with a healthy lifestyle, stay in employment, stay in healthy relationships, stay in school, and stay with their child. This program also ensures that the resident learns how to be safe: to develop safe relationships, to develop a safe community, to develop a safe housing plan for exit, to discern safe and unsafe people, to develop a plan for finances to keep them safe from a return to homelessness, how to keep their child safe, how to safely care for their infant, and how to BECOME the safe parent for their child. 

The foundation of our program is healthy relationships and healthy boundaries. We find that healthy relationships with self, other residents, staff, community, and God are the building blocks to becoming whole. We believe that a relationship with Jesus provides freedom and a lens with which they can overcome hardship and process traumatic events. Our staff prayerfully guides each resident through our program offering grace and hope believing in their full potential. We are a faith-fueled program offering the love of Christ without requiring a decision for Christ for any of our services.


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Pregnant or With Child Application
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